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Transmit location specific notifications over two-way radios,
overhead paging, cell phones, pagers, and email, all within seconds.

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Time required to activate
Response Technologies products



Time from activation to notification
of Emergency Personnel

compared to...

Up to30


Average 911 answer



Average time to dispatch
after call received

Customers are Talking


  • Joe Kennedy

    Security Manager, Pearland Medical Center

    "Pearland Medical Center is the first full-service hospital in Pearland, Texas, a suburban area of Houston. In serving our neighbors and protecting our patients and staff, we chose Response Technologies Centurion wireless duress system for a variety of reasons, including positive past experience and its ability to expand with us as we grow. The system works flawlessly, is extremely user friendly and provides our staff with a high level of confidence knowing that immediate notification reaches first responders if a situation arises. We also appreciate the Responses Technologies' sales and service staff who have worked with us throughout the installation and training process to ensure the best possible outcomes".

  • Gary Mackeprang

    Deputy Sheriff, Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department

    “Each time that I have had a question, request of additional equipment, or need for service, your company’s response to our needs has been outstanding in timeliness, accuracy and assurance of complete satisfaction. I have complete confidence in your product, that you back with uncompromising customer service. I highly recommend your company to my colleagues to meet their physical security needs.”

  • Ed Hassell

    IT & Security Consultant, Henrico Doctors Hospital, Richmond, VA

    "Henrico Doctors Hospital had an antiquated system that was not properly protecting our patients and staff.  After extensive due diligence, we selected the Centurion brand by Response Technologies. Deciding factors included the fact that Centurion could integrate with our existing facility technology, could be expanded easily in the future, was wireless, could be operated from computers or wireless devices and could provide real-time alerts to first responders."

  • Jeff Semrad

    Sheriff, Oneida County Sheriff’s Department

    “I’d highly recommend this system for anyone looking for a solution to instantly notify emergency personnel when an incident occurs and instant response is needed.”

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