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Healthcare Panic Button: Why is it important?
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The Power of an Immediate Response via Health Care Panic Button When it comes to saving lives and thwarting violence, time is the biggest component. No matter the market, workplace violence is a serious topic in all industries. New data from Press Ganey shows that over 5,000 nurses have been assaulted in the last three months this year. In Tucson, Arizona, a realtor was assaulted and nearly kidnapped by a...

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Fatal Walmart Shooting – The Importance of response
Store Shootings

Tragedy in Virginia Walmart Six unsuspecting people were killed in a Walmart Supercenter shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia on November 22, 2022. Just a couple days prior, in Colorado Springs a gunman opened fire in a nightclub killing five people and injuring nineteen others. A week before that, a student allegedly opened fire at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Tragedies like these, though sometimes unavoidable, can be responded to in life…

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