Teacher and Children
Alyssa’s Laws and the Progress of Change
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 In recent years, school safety has become an important topic of discussion. Communities have been left devastated with incidents of tragic violence, prompting a nationwide call to protect children in school. Children deserve to be protected with secure learning environments so they can grow and learn to achieve their upmost potential.   Alyssa’s Law is named in honor of Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the seventeen victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas…

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Worker Safety
Industry Examination and Lone Worker Protection
Industry SafetyLone Worker ProtectionPanic Buttons

Industries in the United States vary from Package Delivery Drivers to Educators. With every industry having its own unique capabilities and struggles, there are common dangers that happen among all of them. Every industry needs protection, especially in the most dangerous jobs. Motor Vehicle Operator  Motor vehicle operators can range from Amazon Package Delivery Drivers to transit workers. Operators and engineers can find themselves subject to many dangers both seen…

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Covenant Christian School
Covenant Christian School – A Moment to Reflect
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  In the wake of the horrific Nashville shooting that occurred recently in Nashville, Tennessee, our eyes are once again opened to a harsh reality. On March 27th, 2023 an assailant forced their way into the Covenant School and released 152 rounds from an assault rifle throughout the school. The actions resulted in three children and three adults being fatally injured.  The event has shaken the nation and has caused…

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Lone Worker in the Sky
Lone Workers: The Issue of Protection
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Who are Lone Workers?   Lone Workers are employees in an industry who perform tasks in isolation away from any other employees or an office. Most often these lone workers are working in extreme spaces that are dangerous or that offer little to no protection. With these exposures in mind, companies who are responsible for lone worker protection must make considerable efforts to make sure that their employees are kept safe….

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Gunshot Detection Systems: The Fight Against Active Shooters
Gunshot Detection Systems: The Fight Against Active Shooters
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Active Shooter Prevention – Gunshot Detection System,  Active shooters and public open fire incidents are on a critical rise. Gun violence has brought itself into crucial societal conversations. Whether in a grocery store, place of worship, or company grounds, anyone can seemingly become a gun violence victim.   In 2022 alone, according to The Gun Violence Archive (GVA), 617 mass shootings occurred in the United States. Just months into 2023,…

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Mobile panic button
Mobile Panic Button: Keeping Tomorrow Safe
Panic Buttons

  Panic and Duress Buttons are a crucial and lifesaving tools. The Centurion Elite is the world's fastest emergency response system and has become an award-winning figure in the industry. The device has been proven to give workers the peace of mind and assurance across multiple industries. Response Technologies's Mobile panic button has been able to reimagine the Emergency Response Device with the careful engineering work of a world-class team....

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Courthouse Security: Why It Is Important By Response Technologies
The Need for Courthouse Safety – Keeping Courts and Officials Protected
Court Official SafetyGovernment BuildingsPanic Buttons

Need of Courthouse Security In 2021, Jonathan D. Williams was charged with threatening to injure and kill a federal judge. Williams contacted the U.S. District judge twice on the chamber’s phone and then contacted the office to expedite his case. Williams also made a threat to the judge’s staff. “You’ll see; you’ll get fired once I kill your boss.” He said to the court clerk. His threats did not come…

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healthcare panic button
Healthcare Panic Button: Why is it important?
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The Power of an Immediate Response via Health Care Panic Button When it comes to saving lives and thwarting violence, time is the biggest component. No matter the market, workplace violence is a serious topic in all industries. New data from Press Ganey shows that over 5,000 nurses have been assaulted in the last three months this year. In Tucson, Arizona, a realtor was assaulted and nearly kidnapped by a...

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Walmart Shooting Banner
Fatal Walmart Shooting – The Importance of response
Store Shootings

Tragedy in Virginia Walmart Six unsuspecting people were killed in a Walmart Supercenter shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia on November 22, 2022. Just a couple days prior, in Colorado Springs a gunman opened fire in a nightclub killing five people and injuring nineteen others. A week before that, a student allegedly opened fire at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Tragedies like these, though sometimes unavoidable, can be responded to in life…

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