In the summer of 2021, a leading hospitality brand opened a 4-star Diamond luxury hotel in the heart of an elegant and spirited western town.  Upon opening, Carlos, Director of Safety and Security at this facility discovered that he did not have an effective way to wirelessly and remotely control and manage the doors and entry points leading to the outside.  These doors were often propped open and unmanned, leading to the unlawful entry of unauthorized personnel and those who were not staying at the hotel.  This unlawful entry posed a major risk to the property and its guests.


Due to the downtown setting in a gorgeous climate, there is quite a bit of foot traffic traveling in and around the hotel location.  Exterior and fire escape doors cannot possibly be manned 24/7.  Doors would often be exited through by employees and guests and many times, even propped open.  This allowed easy access for anyone walking in off the street which is of great danger to the guests and property.  The hotel had a rotation of guards onsite with various schedules and hours.


Carlos searched extensively for an effective “door monitoring” system that could seamlessly and discreetly manage the flow in and out of all exterior doors.  Carlos said

“After trying a different control system in a different building, I started my search for an effective system to monitor the access point from the building, that is when I was able to find Response Technology’s solution. Their technology is simple yet flawless and can be applied to any industry that would like to monitor their door movement”.

Once Carlos found Response Technologies, they together created a customized solution that solved Carlos’ challenges.  The criteria was very unique and specific, to coincide with Carlos well thought out security plan.  If a door is propped for a specific number of seconds between specific hours, Response Technologies would send a location (door) specific message over email, text, and two-way radio to a specific group of guards.  All ten doors were configured with different combinations based on different schedules, with different criteria and notifications, being sent to different guards.

All intelligence in the system was pre-programmed based upon the Carlos’ wishes and his robust security plan.  Training also commenced during the installation process and Carlos was trained on remotely managing the entire system, which was one of his original needs.


Since installing Response Technologies emergency notification system, the hotel has seen incredible results and evidence of the great success of the system.  Carlos shared “The software is a miracle…” and that they have reduced unauthorized entry by 80% (with the remaining 20% being human error).

From the customer service perspective, Carlos is also extremely happy saying “…. In addition, to their technology they have a team that cares for the customers”.

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