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Tackling Healthcare Workplace Violence: Ensuring Nurse Safety with Mobile GPS Panic Buttons Workplace violence in healthcare is a critical issue, with nurses frequently facing verbal threats, physical assaults, and even life-threatening attacks. According to OSHA, healthcare workers experience violence at a rate four times higher than other industries. Addressing this crisis requires a multifaceted approach to protect those who care for us. Strategies to Tackle Violence in Healthcare Staff Training…

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Perils Faced By Home Health Nurses
Alone in the Storm: The Perils Faced by Home Health Nurses in Uncharted Territories
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Home health nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare, entering the homes of patients to deliver vital care in diverse and often unpredictable environments. However, the nature of their work places them in unique and challenging situations. In this blog, we shed light on the dangers faced by home health nurses, emphasizing the solitary nature of their roles and the high-stress environments they navigate. Lone Workers in the Unknown: Unlike…

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