Lone Worker Protection

Tachypsychia’s Effect on Motor Skills in High-Stress Situations”
Lone Worker ProtectionMobile Panic ButtonPanic Buttons

Understanding Tach-psychia  Emergencies trigger a flood of responses in the human body, designed to help us survive life-threatening situations. One such response is Tachypsychia, a condition where time seems to either speed up or slow down, altering our perception in critical moments. While this can be beneficial in some ways, tachypsychia can also impair motor skills, making it difficult to perform essential tasks—such as using a phone app panic button. …

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Immediate Mobile Protection for Social Workers
Lone Worker ProtectionPanic ButtonsSocial Worker Safety

  As social workers, your dedication to helping others often takes you into unfamiliar environments, sometimes fraught with risks. However, with the advancement of technology, you have a powerful tool at our fingertips to enhance our safety: the mobile GPS Panic Button. Imagine being in a challenging situation where you feel threatened or unsafe. With a single press of our mobile panic button, help can be on its way. These…

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Protection For Realtors
Protection for Realtors: A Growing Need
Lone Worker ProtectionPanic ButtonsRealtor ProtectionRealtor Safety

Coming off the heels of Realtor Safety Month, the National Realtor Association (NAR) has sparked an industry wide look on the importance and improvement of safety. With multiple dangers in the field from cyber security to being safe at shows, there needs to be an easy solution for realtors to use for safety. Acting as lone workers, realtors travel on average 100 miles a day showing and looking at listings…

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The Growing Need of Panic Buttons
Industry SafetyLone Worker ProtectionPanic Buttons

In an increasingly connected world, ensuring personal security has become a priority for any organization. One amazing tool that has gained a lot of attention in recent years is the panic button. Panic buttons find their way into a variety of environments, including workplaces, schools and public spaces. Panic buttons provide a sense of security and peace of mind, as well as the potential benefits they bring to emergency situations….

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Worker Safety
Industry Examination and Lone Worker Protection
Industry SafetyLone Worker ProtectionPanic Buttons

Industries in the United States vary from Package Delivery Drivers to Educators. With every industry having its own unique capabilities and struggles, there are common dangers that happen among all of them. Every industry needs protection, especially in the most dangerous jobs. Motor Vehicle Operator  Motor vehicle operators can range from Amazon Package Delivery Drivers to transit workers. Operators and engineers can find themselves subject to many dangers both seen…

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