The Anywhere Button, a revolutionary mobile GPS panic button, offers unparalleled safety and security across various industries. Acting as a beacon of reassurance, this device can be the personal protection answer both for the wide variety high risk situations or lone worker roles. Its advanced GPS panic button alarm system swiftly alerts first responders based upon your real time GPS location. Also, communicating internally, this device sends an alert for immediate assistance to other stakeholders in the organization. Whether in healthcare, public sector, education, or commercially – the versatility of the GPS panic button, known as The Anywhere Button, empowers organizations to safeguard their workforce and provide them with personal protection and peace of mind.

 Protection for anyone, anywhere.

The Centurion Anywhere is the fastest mobile panic button on the market. When paired with Centurion Anywhere App and smart phone, the user has the ability to notify authorities of an emergency in seconds. The panic button uses multiple communication platforms, making the potential for protection endless.

The one-press and easily accessible device provides real-time updates of the user on the Anywhere App. The emergency notification can be sent to authorities or an intended audience, therefore, giving the power of mass communication to any user via email, text, phone, two-way radio, and computer screens.

Personal Protection For Anyone

                              Who uses The Anywhere Button?

  •  Social Workers
  • City wide employee protection
  • Elected Officials / Judges
  • Lone Workers / Remote Workers
  • K-12 Schools / Colleges and Universities
  • Real Estate Agents / Property Managers
  • Home Health Workers
  • Medical Buildings / Nurses
  • Domestic Violence Survivors

How does it work? 

When the user presses the Anywhere Button, a notification is sent to the system nucleus (The Centurion Elite). The Elite then sends the notification to authorities or the intended audience in less than two seconds. The location of the user will be given with specific instructions for authorities.


  • Bluetooth panic button allows users to activate without phone in hand.
  • Real time location information is sent via email or text to limitless recipients.
  • Location information updates as the user moves after activation.
  • Choose between the badge option and the discreet pendant.
  • Capable of direct-to-radio alarm notification.
  • No passive tracking of users when not in alarm state.
  • Simple, one button press for ease of use under duress
  • Recurring or one-time purchase options available.


Type Specification
Phone Requirements
  • Smartphone running Apple or Android operating system.
  • Enabled location services.
  • Reliable cellular connection.
Button Specifications
  • Connects to phone via Bluetooth
  • 100 ft line of sight range from phone
  • Battery life 3-5 years.  Pendants with replaceable battery may be less.
  • 2 year warranty

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