Product Protection and Technical Support Plans

The Centurion ARMOR® Program is a comprehensive offering of services and product updates to ensure your long term success utilizing Centurion® security systems. The Centurion® and Centurion Elite® Systems come with a standard, one-year factory hardware warranty. We suggest carrying Silver Armor protection during this period to guarantee all firmware updates and support requests are covered; or consider an upgrade to Platinum Armor to cover the entire system hardware. In the second year, it is recommended that a Gold Armor annual protection agreement be purchased to extend hardware protection while providing a broad group of services including phone-in support and firmware updates.

Response Technologies is committed to standing behind its products to ensure that you are successful in reaching your equipment reliability goals. Because Response Technologies is fully committed to customer support, your investment in Centurion ARMOR® will guarantee peace of mind, allowing you to focus on getting your job done. Participating in the Centurion ARMOR® program assures you of on-going support, product updates, information exchange and more!

Each customer is unique, which is why we offer a flexible range of Centurion ARMOR® packages – Silver, Gold, and Platinum allowing you to select a specific level of service to meet your particular needs. You can also take advantage of this flexibility any time your service requirements change by upgrading to a higher level of support.

When you select a Centurion ARMOR® program, you can be assured that we are there to support you every step of the way. Our professional support and service personnel have the necessary product and application experience to assist you in making your program a success! Whether you need assistance with a simple question, a more complex problem, or repair of your equipment, we have the right people and support tools to meet your needs. At Response Technologies we will be there when you need us, helping you meet your objectives.

Centurion® products are continually being improved to ensure that you have access to the latest technology in both software and hardware. By investing in Centurion ARMOR® you know that your company is getting the very best and latest products, advice and support available in the industry today. This allows you to focus on the task at hand – success of your program! Whether you are starting out, or running a large integrated system, we have the level of Centurion ARMOR® that will meet your service needs and strengthen your relationship with Response Technologies!

Phone/Fax/e-mail Support (Business hours, EST) X X X
Centurion® Operating System Maintenance & Updates X X X
PCDuress® Support and Maintenance X X X
Beta Program Eligibility X X X
Priority Reactive Support X X
Limited IT/Network Support X X
Setting Storage & Correction Effort(#) X X
Support Activity Reports X
7 day-a-week phone support X
Support Account Management X
Phone/Fax/e-mail support (Business hours, EST) X X X
% Discount on Centurion®rental 10% 15% Incl.
% Discount on non-warranty repairs 10% 15% 25%
Trade-In ValueRetention (for Upgrade purposes) X X
Annual remote Health Audit(#) X X
Extended Hardware Warranty-Centurion®Base Unit X X
Extended Warranty-Response Technologies Purchased Sensors X
Battery Replacement Program X
Loaner Program X
Free 2-way Shipping on Repairs X
Field Services Discounts(**) 10% 12% 15%

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