Response Technologies’ VARDA system stands as a pinnacle in defender security systems, embodying innovation and reliability. The VARDA system seamlessly integrates advanced technologies to create an impenetrable shield against potential threats. With its cutting-edge features, including the Centurion system, VARDA ensures unmatched protection for any environment. Employing state-of-the-art algorithms and robust hardware, the defender security system fortifies its surroundings with unparalleled efficiency. Whether in residential or commercial settings, the VARDA system stands as the epitome of safeguarding, a testament to Response Technologies‘ commitment to excellence in security solutions.

Centurion® Defender

Portable, Flexible, and Powerful
For almost 50 years law enforcement agencies around the country have relied on dated technology such as Voice-Activated Radio-Dispatched Alarms (VARDA) and other devices to expand their policing reach. While groundbreaking at the time, technological advancements and evolving radio systems have made much of this technology outdated and less effective today. While a need still exists for technology (better than VARDA) that can improve response times and give law enforcement agencies an expanded reach, these needs must be balanced with oftentimes limited budgets to work with. Here Centurion® Defender was found by us.

The Centurion® Defender security system brings tried and proven policing technology into the next generation. With the most advanced sensor offering of any product on the market, there is no policing task too specialized for the Defender to tackle. Cellular connectivity ensures that the Defender will work wherever you may need it.

Centurion® Defender


The Centurion Defender (the replacement of VARDA) leverages an internal cellular router to relay wireless alarms back to the Centurion Elite®. When paired with a cellular connection, the Centurion® Defender acts as a portable router of our 900mhz wireless sensors. The Defender receives the alarm packets then forwards them across the cellular infrastructure to the Centurion Elite®. The Centurion Elite® then receives the packets and initiates the proper response. Each Centurion® Defender’s health is monitored by the Centurion Elite® allowing customers to be instantly notified in the event a unit is off-line or if it has switched over to battery backup.


  • Portable packaging allows for limitless deployment opportunities and removes Elite use’s geographic boundaries, which is better than VARDA.
  • Allows use of all current and future wireless sensors remotely. Although, VARDA doesn’t support the new technological era by calibrating with the sensors.
  • Single law enforcement radio can support multiple Defender units.
  • Remote deactivation of alarms from the web interface.
  • Management of multiple Defenders can be done from a single user interface.
  • Unit health status alarms include lost connectivity, battery switchover and low system battery.


Type Specification
Power Requirements
  • Standard 120 volts
    • 12 Volt System backup battery
  • 8-hour run time under standard operating conditions
Network Information
  • Response Technologies preferred cellular network (Verizon)
  • Compatible with all large carriers.
  • DHCP Compatible
  • UDP Data Transmissions
    • Bandwidth Benchmarking
  • Avg Less than 2500 Bytes/Second for 500 sensor system and 10 Defenders
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Length: 16″ x Width: 6.87″ x Height: 13″

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