Centurion Elite®
Emergency Notification System

The Centurion Elite® is the world’s fastest, and most advanced, emergency notification solution. Whether a security, facility, or environmental emergency the Centurion Elite® instantly notifies first responders of issues within seconds. Capable of using a variety of wireless and network driven sensors, the Centurion Elite® provides a flexible solution to fit facilities of all sizes. The Centurion Elite’s® architecture transmits voice and text notifications to phone, two-way radio, email, text message, and computer monitoring stations. Elite AudienceTM allow for customers to easily tailor who receives notifications based on criteria such as sensor type, time, date, and emergency level. Because of the Elite’s modular design, and practically limitless expandable memory, the system can grow with customers as their needs expand.


Centurion Elite

Centurion Elite Platform System Features


  • The Centurion Elite® is the fastest emergency notification system on the market, transmitting pinpointed voice/text notifications directly to first responders instantly.
  • The Centurion Elite® provides for unique communication paths to be programmed for each sensor
  • The Centurion Elite® instantly transmits location specific notifications to first responders via Two-way Radio, Email, Text, Phone, Local Speaker, or Monitoring Software simultaneously.
  • Elite Control™ allows users to record and manage notifications via their PC.
  • Elite Audience™ gives customers the ability to tailor notification recipients based upon criteria such as sensor type, sensors action, time of day, and emergency level.
  • The Centurion Elite® is compatible with all current models and frequencies of two-way radios on the market.
  • Through Centurion Elite’s mass notification function users can set-up pre-defined notification groups that can be instantly notified if an emergency arises.
  • With PCDuress®, customers can easily extend duress capability beyond the facility, campus or city limits by leveraging existing IT network investments.
Hardware Features


  • Centurion Elite® provides endless expansion opportunities on a single system with no practical limit on the capacity of sensors or notifications.
  • Centurion Elite’s modular design affords customers the ability to easily expand the system, and its feature set as needed.
  • The Elite Connect® web portal allows users to quickly make system changes through WiFi,
  • Compatible with an array of wireless and software based sensors that will instantly trigger the system.
  • Unique and password-protected user accounts, along with customer definable user privileges, allows Centurion Elite® to fit into any organizational structure.
  • Integration with other customer systems such as camera, access control, and phone systems allows the Centurion Elite® to expand upon current emergency operation procedures.
  • A Built in back up battery allows the Centurion Elite® to continue operating without power.
Servicing Features


  • Local and remote backup capabilities will ensure that all system data is easily accessible, and recoverable
  • Predictive maintenance notifications provide information to the appropriate personnel to address potential failures before they occur.
  • The onboard test feature provides users real-time information on all system health parameters, sensors, batteries, and output health statuses.
  • Built in diagnostic software allows Response Technologies technicians the ability to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix system issues.
  • The modular design makes for easy replacement of damaged, or defective, modules for maximum uptime
  • Capable of remote access through a secure network connection, the Centurion Elite® is easily serviceable by Response Technologies technicians.
  • Through a variety of Centurion Armor® system protection plans, Response Technologies provides protection, ongoing professional support, and emergency response to assure total value is achieved.

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