Centurion Envoy®

Connecting your multi-site organization
Frequently, organizations aren’t always housed under a single roof, so why should your Centurion Elite® be limited to working at only one site? The evolving needs to support multiple locations with emergency notification solutions can become expensive and cumbersome to maintain. But now you can extend the power and reliability of your Centurion Elite® at a fraction of the cost of your initial capital investment throughout your organization.

With no restrictions to the number of locations or distance from your Centurion Elite®, the Centurion Envoy® makes the Centurion Elite® a true enterprise changing solution. Healthcare systems, education campuses, government buildings, Manufacturing enterprises – no matter how spread out the facilities may be, Centurion Envoy® lets you maximize the power of your Centurion Elite® to protect all of your people and assets with a single system.



The Centurion® Envoy leverages your already established IT infrastructure to relay wireless alarms back to the Centurion Elite® . When plugged into an Ethernet port the Centurion® Envoy acts as a router of our 900mhz wireless sensors. The Envoy receives the alarms packets then forwards them across your LAN to the Centurion Elite®. The Centurion Elite® then receives the packets and initiates the proper response by sending the notification to the Envoy for local dispatching. Each Centurion® Envoy’s health is monitored by the Centurion Elite® allowing customers to be instantly notified in the event a unit is offline.


  • Economically feasible solution for outlying facilities.
  • Allows local radio transmissions across entire
  • Removes geographic boundaries of Elite use.
  • Allows use of all current wireless sensors remotely.
  • Same notification speeds of on site alarms.*
  • On-board relay
  • Management of multiple sites from single user interface.
  • Monitors health status using supervisory alarms.
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) support.


Type Specification
Power Requirements
  • 12VDC
Network Information
  • DHCP Compatible
  • UDP Data Transmissions
Relay Specifications 8-relays – Form C

  • Contact Rating, Resistive Load
  • 2A max, 0-30VDC
  • 30VDC / 1A – 30W: min. 5×105 operations
  • 30VDC / 2A – 60W: min. 1×105 operations
  • Width 8.59” x Length 10.59” x Height 5.11”

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