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At Response Technologies we strive to provide excellent technical support. We have provided some frequently asked questions below to try and help you resolve some of the issues you may be experiencing. As always, feel free to reach out to us directly at any time and we will be happy to assist you.


To add a new message please contact Response Technologies to have the Notification License added to the system. Once a message is added, login to the system and navigate to the message setup menu. Enter the record/play message menu. Once in this menu, to change a message, type in the number of the message you’d like to change and then proceed to record a new message. To add a new message, select an unused message number and record your message.

To add a sensor login to the Centurion® and go to the Centurion Config menu then select the Sensor Setup menu. Under this menu you will see a register sensor option. After selecting register sensor you will be prompted to assign it a number, once this is done and you hit enter you will be asked to hit the reset button on the sensor. On a panic button the reset button is located under the back cover and is a small black button on the board. Once the reset button is hit your sensor is registered but still must be mapped in order to function properly.

Outputs are controlled at the sensor mapping table. To add or change an output you must go to the mapping table for each individual sensor. To reach the mapping table login to the Centurion® then go to the Centurion Config menu then the Sensor Setup menu. Under the Sensor Setup menu you will find the Sensor Mapping menu. Type in the number of the sensor you’d like to map or change and press enter. Once in the menu you can select which outputs you’d like to be active for this sensor.

In order to use the email output the system must be set up on your network. The network information can be input at the Centurion® under Centurion Config > User Setup > Comm Setup > Ethernet > Ethernet Protocol. Once on the network you will need to use the Centurion® console software to add the SMTP server IP (Note: the Centurion® cannot use DNS), From: email address assigned to the Centurion®, as well as the To: email addresses you’d like to send the notifications to.

Configure the system to send email notification to the email-to-text email address assigned to your phone (I.E. 1234567890@carrier’s email to text).

Yes, please reference the IIS for Centurion Email document under the manuals and software page here.
Yes, please reference the IIS for Centurion Email document under the manuals and software page here.

Centurion Scout®

A 12V car or marine battery can be used when using Eternal Battery Cables supplied by Response Technologies.

In order to call multiple numbers you will need to connect the Scout® unit to a computer that has the provided Scout® console software installed. Once you connect the system, via the provided micro usb cord, click on the radial button to the left that reads “Phone Number Entry”. You can now enter multiple phone numbers in the fields below. They will be dialed in the order they are entered, so keep this in mind as you enter the numbers.

The motion sensors have a sleep timer of 180 seconds. This is an internal timer in the sensor itself and does not coincide with arming the Scout. Ensure the sensor is in an environment free of motion for a full 3 minutes before trying to activate the sensor. Ensure the sensor is mounted correctly. For more information on the sleep timer and mounting instructions see attachments/links.
EN1260 Document
EN1265 Document


To see how many licenses you currently have and how many have been used you will need to login to the Centurion®. Once logged in go to the Centurion Config menu then the Sensor Setup menu. Scroll to the second set of menus and enter the PCDuress Info menu. In this menu you can see how many licenses you have and how many have been used.

The PCDuress sensor number must be deleted from the Centurion. The PCDuress sensor can then be mapped and registered using the same sensor number on a different computer. Be sure to make note of the sensor mapping configuration in order to duplicate it when re-mapping. For more information on mapping and registering sensors, view the Sensor Setup section of the Owner’s Manual. For an alternate method using the Windows Registry Editor that can save time, view the attachment/link.
PCDuress UID document

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