Gunshot Detection Sensor

Gunshot Detection Sensor and Active Shooter Systems
According to FBI data, active shooter events have steadily risen across the country since the year 2000. In 2019 there were 28 active shooter events, a trend that held steady with the previous 6 years. These events took place in 16 different states and their locations ranged from public places, such as malls and concerts, to restricted locations, such as businesses and schools.

Delivering an Immediate Response
Our best-in-industry wireless and network-based gunshot detection sensors can be deployed throughout a facility, campus, and across the country. When a gunshot is detected, or a panic button is triggered, the Centurion Elite® will send an immediate emergency notification to first responders, in their nearby police cruisers, within two seconds. False alarms prevented by an intelligent 2-Factor Authentication. Delivery methods can include any combination of email, text message, phone, computer software, or the fastest form of emergency contact: two-way police radio. These delivery method combinations are designated in Elite Audiences®, which allows users to customize specific responses based on the sensor that is activated. With the Centurion Elite®, the user can assign all sensors to alarm in the same way, or can customize each individual alarm to activate a different response.

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*Powered by Shot Tracer® technology

Frequently Asked Questions

When a gunshot occurs two things happen that our sensor is looking for. There is a large audible spike that our sensor recognizes as well as an immediate and decisive change in the air pressure. When those two instances occur within a half second of each other our sensor recognizes this to be a gunshot.  Click here: To know how Response Technologies helped APPLETON LIBRARY TO BE SECURED

Nothing is ever 100%, however we have been unable in testing to replicate the requirements needed to alarm the sensor
outside of a gunshot, or minor explosion. The reason for this is that many of the things most people would worry about
such as a balloon pop, a loud slamming noise, or other jolting instances don’t create both the audible and air pressure
change in the window allotted.

The sensor will detect in an area of 50 ft by 50 ft by 25 ft at its most sensitive setting. This is a volumetric measurement
and will differ greatly based on materials used in construction of the area as well as the layout and furniture. Because
every situation is different, we recommend contacting a Response Technologies approved representative to acquire an
estimate on the number of sensors needed to cover your facility.


  • Responders are notified in under 2 seconds of alarm activation.
  • Direct-to-Responder/D2R™ communication allows users to bypass third parties and go straight to the responders.
  • The Centurion Elite® can send two-way radio notifications to three different radio frequencies at the same time.
  • Built-in false trigger avoidance technology ensures only real alarms make their way to responders.
  • Compatibility with Centurion Gateway® allows multiple facilities to be monitored from a single system.
  • 24/7 sensor monitoring ensures the system is always ready for use.
  • PCDuress® can be deployed across a network leveraging your already established infrastructure for enterprise-level deployment.
  • PCAlert® can be installed on any networked computer, allowing for an immediate pop-up notification upon alarm activation.
  • Wireless and networked alarms allow for quick and easy installation and deployment.


Type Specification
Coverage Area
  • 50 x 50 x 25 (Total Volume)
  • 4.75” x 5.75” x 1.375“
Weight 8-relays – Form C

  • Contact Rating, Resistive Load
  • 2A max, 0-30VDC
  • 30VDC / 1A – 30W: min. 5×105 operations
  • 30VDC / 2A – 60W: min. 1×105 operations
Power Source
  • 9VDC-64VDC (Power Supply Included)

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