Healthcare Facilities

Providing peace of mind, through experience, to facility, staff and their patients.

Hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical office buildings and assisted living facilities all have their own unique challenges when it comes to ensuring safety. Response Technologies has vast experience in healthcare facility protection, allowing us to provide simple, fast and intuitive solutions.  We understand the security risks involved at healthcare facilities, both in general units as well as units requiring a higher priority, and provide adaptive solutions to fit those needs.

Response Technologies understands that security in today’s healthcare setting needs to be quick and flexible. With application to the healthcare market, our 10+ years of experience securing courthouses and other facilities helps us understand the challenges that can arise and how to adapt and overcome them. Our flagship Centurion® system uses wireless duress buttons to provide an easy to install and expandable panic button solution. When one of a variety of buttons are pressed, a location specific notification can be sent out almost instantly through various output options including two-way radio, phone, email, or text. Recently a hospital outfitted with the Centurion® had an activation; a person with a knife was involved in an altercation with another patron of the facility. The incident escalated as it moved through adjacent units. While the incident occurred, the Centurion® was activated by nurses alerting Security of the current location of the problem.

Healthcare facilities can run into issues securing all their buildings, sometimes due to the large distance between them. The main facility may be simple to cover conventionally, but outpatient facilities or the medical office building may be miles away. Understanding this challenge, we set out to provide an efficient and cost effective panic solution. What we developed was PCDuress®, a proprietary network based panic button solution. PCDuress® allows healthcare facilities to leverage existing IT infrastructure to provide a panic solution to multiple buildings, using a single Centurion® system. Within a health network for example, PCDuress® can be deployed at each off campus building with the main unit housed at the primary care hospital. This can provide a unified panic solution for the entire health network on one system making it easy to maintain, monitor and expand.

Response Technologies can help you develop the right solution for your facility’s emergency response needs.  For more information on the solutions we provide for healthcare facilities please contact us at 800-537-0102 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.