Educational Facilities

From K-12 to college and university campuses, Response Technologies protects.

School safety is always on our mind. Students, teachers and other key school staff are the lifeblood of our local communities and are our future. In the U.S. the school population in total on any given weekday is among the largest captive populations of people in the country. In a duress situation, seconds are critical, and the Centurion® emergency response system can provide the confidence that schools need. Centurion® from Response Technologies can easily, quickly and efficiently provide an entire school district with the ability to communicate to a designated group, including first responders in real-time, in case of an emergency situation.

Response Technologies understands that security in today’s educational setting needs to be quick and flexible. With application to the education market, our 10+ years of experience securing courthouses and other government facilities help us understand the challenges that can arise and how to adapt and overcome them. Our flagship Centurion® system uses wireless duress buttons to provide an easy to install and expandable panic button solution. When one of a variety of buttons are pressed, a location specific notification identifying the incident location can be sent out almost instantly to one or all output options including two-way law enforcement radios, phone, email, or text.  Recently an Ohio high school outfitted with the Centurion® had an activation; a mass text was sent to mobile devices of school administration, operations and first responders. An off duty police officer living near the school received the text on his mobile phone and immediately responded, going to the school to assess the situation.

Educational institutions face tough challenges in today’s world. They must provide a safe and secure learning environment, but also must do so within the confines of ever tightening budgets. Understanding those challenges we set out to provide an efficient and cost effective panic solution to keep our schools and universities safe. What we developed was PCDuress®, a proprietary network based panic button solution. PCDuress® allows a school district, or university campus, to leverage existing IT infrastructure to provide a panic solution to multiple buildings using a single Centurion® system. Within a school district for example, PCDuress® can be deployed at each buildings administrative offices with the main unit housed at the district office. This can provide a unified panic solution for the entire district on one system making it easy to maintain, monitor and expand.

Response Technologies can help you develop the right solution for your schools emergency response. For more information on the solutions we provide for educational institutions please contact us at 800-537-0102 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.