Securing courts & public buildings for over a decade.

More than 90% of attacks on state and local judges occur at the courthouse. It is important that, when an incident occurs, emergency personnel are notified immediately of what is happening, when it is happening.  At Response Technologies we have significant expertise in understanding duress as it applies to local, state and federal facilities. For the last 10 + years, we have applied our experience to help protect hundreds of courts along with hundreds of thousands of their employees and visitors across the country.

Response Technologies has experience working within buildings of all shapes and sizes. Whether a brand new build, or a historical structure, we can provide a non-intrusive duress solution that can fit any facility.  Our flagship Centurion® system uses wireless duress buttons to provide an easy to install and expandable panic button solution. When one of a variety of buttons are pressed, a location specific notification can be sent out almost instantly through various output options, including two-way radio, phone, email, or text.  Courts often utilize the radio output first to notify their bailiffs, dial 911 as a backup and send out a facility-wide email to court employees in order to ensure an efficient response.

While panic buttons have been a staple in courthouse security for some time, we’ve seen a growing trend of local municipalities now taking an interest in providing their employees with a means for alerting local law enforcement of emergencies as well.  However, providing a unified panic solution for multiple facilities across an entire city can often prove challenging and costly with traditional wireless duress buttons.  Response Technologies has developed a solution to provide city-wide duress functionality, while still being economically feasible.  PCDuress® is proprietary network based software that allows cities to leverage their existing IT infrastructure to provide points of activation to multiple buildings, even if they are miles apart, using a single Centurion® system.  This means that a Centurion® could be placed at a town hall and any city facility sharing the same network could have computers equipped with PCDuress®.  When PCDuress® is triggered it would activate the Centurion®, sending an immediate notification of the incident and location to local law enforcement via radio, phone, email or text.

Response Technologies can help you develop the right solution for your court or city’s emergency response needs.  For more information on the solutions we provide, please contact us at 800-537-0102 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..