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This announcment is to inform all current customers of Response Technologies Ltd.’s initiation of the End of Life process for the Centurion® R1000 system.  Below is important information on key dates as well as alternative product offerings.

Why is the Centurion® R1000 base system platform being retired?

Centurion® R1000 is an outstanding and robust product, with thousands of supported customers nationwide over the last 15 years. It has served as a foundation for the newest technologies available from Response Technologies Ltd. However, some of the platform’s core components are scheduled to become obsolete. Remaining inventories are being reserved for the long-term support requirements of currently installed customers.

What is the timing for phasing out the Centurion® R1000?

Effective dates for Centurion® R1000 include:

November 30, 2018 – Last available date of purchase of core components

December 31, 2018 – Final ship date for core components

December 31, 2023 – Final date of extended support for Centurion® R1000

What alternatives are available?

In January 2016, Response Technologies Ltd. released the Centurion Elite® platform. This new system captured the best of the capabilities of the popular Centurion® R1000 base system while greatly expanding the system’s ability to manage additional emergency notification needs. Response Technologies will work with all existing Centurion® customers wishing to easily upgrade to this updated, modern architected system.

If you have any questions about the End of Life process, or if you’d like to talk about alternatives to the Centurion® R1000, please feel free to reach out to your sales representative at 800-537-0102 or Online.



Andrew S. Morrison


Response Technologies Ltd.