Emergency Preparedness: Take Action Today to Meet Requirements by November 15, 2017

Emergency Preparedness: Take Action Today to Meet Requirements by November 15, 2017


What does November 15th, 2017, mean to you? If it doesn’t seem important, it should if you’re in the healthcare industry. November 15th, 2017, is the date thousands of healthcare facilities across the country must be compliant with the new CMS Emergency Preparedness rules. As that date quickly approaches, facilities are scrambling to become compliant. Luckily, Response Technologies offers a range of solutions with our Centurion Elite® to help meet your needs.

By now, most organizations have received their facility risk assessment, but many have not acted on issues that have been identified. One industry consultant believes that “95 to 98 percent of facilities are not ready for the November 15th deadline.” Issues holding up implementation of these recommendations can range from finances and project scale/scope to difficulty finding the correct solutions to meet the assessment recommendations. While the issues preventing facilities from meeting these recommendations vary, the fact remains that those not in compliance are at risk of losing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Response Technologies has been providing emergency notification solutions to healthcare facilities across the country for the last decade. Our emergency notification solution, Centurion Elite® allows end users to design and institute comprehensive emergency response plans. Using a range of sensors and software, the Centurion Elite® acts as the driver for your emergency preparedness plan, helping you move into the coordination phase as quickly as possible. At the coordination phase the system uses predesignated audiences to deliver the appropriate information regarding your emergency procedures to the proper first responders, staff, and patients.

The versatility of the system allows it to be a gap filling solution for facilities needing only to address minor short comings, or an all-inclusive system for facilities with larger ranging needs. Easily scalable post installation, the Centurion Elite® can grow with your needs allowing for use across multiple facilities using the same technology. From a financial standpoint this affords customers the opportunity to expand when feasible.

With November quickly approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to attempt to meet these requirements. Contact Response Technologies today to discuss your risk assessment results and how our solutions can fit into your emergency preparedness program.

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