Henrico Doctor’s Hospital

Henrico Doctor’s Hospital

Henrico Doctors Hospital is one of the largest hospital franchises in the United States with millions of square feet on multiple campuses throughout the Richmond, Virginia area. In 2012 security staff and consultants analyzed current security systems in order to further safeguard their facilities for the safety of its staff, patients and visitors. Their existing system was outdated and they found that a number of issues existed that could potentially compromise the safety of its facilities.

After an extensive exercise they selected the Centurion brand, who worked with them to devise a multi-pronged plan to replace the current system. Deciding factors included the fact that Centurion could integrate with existing facility technology, was wireless, could be operated from computers or wireless devices and provided real-time alerts to first responders. They felt that Centurion was the best match based on their requirements and the fact that the system could be easily expanded in the future.

Centurion was initially installed at the main campus, comprising five buildings and over a million square feet in 2012. The system has since been expanded to two other locations with multiple single floor and multi-story buildings, including outpatient surgery facilities and a children’s hospital.

Henrico Doctors Hospital had one notable system activation recently. A pregnant woman entered the maternity area of Henrico Doctors Hospital in Richmond around ten o’clock in the evening. Shortly thereafter her husband arrived, as did the woman’s boyfriend. An altercation between the husband and boyfriend ensued, with knives being drawn. Four panic alarms were initiated from four different nurse’s stations. Since the Centurion notification is nearly real-time and is location-based, the four panic alarms alerted police sequentially providing them with the ability to understand the situation as it was unfolding. As a result, seven police officers had surrounded the men as they attempted to exit the hospital and arrested them without incident. There were no injuries to patients, including the 15+ newborn babies in the maternity area, or to police.

Henrico Doctors Hospital believes in the Centurion system and has plans for future expansion within other existing locations. They cite the following as key benefits: simple to program from a computer and to make large-scale, systematic changes centrally and easily, a distinct advantage over competitive systems; integration of Centurion to existing technologies within the facilities including integration with police radios; continual battery monitoring and warnings.

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