Ohio School District Adopts Emergency Notification System

From Campussafetymagazine.com

The Warren City School District of Ohio has further invested in school safety and security with the addition of a comprehensive duress and panic system.

The duress system allows school personnel to silently alert police of safety and security concerns. In an emergency situation, using their PC keyboards, school personnel can quickly initiate a panic button sequence immediately alerting local law enforcement radios, phones, texts and email. The system is called Centurion PC Duress and engineered by Response Technologies of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The alert is location-specific and is in the form of a unique pre-recorded voice message. Centurion PC Duress will be active for the school year, beginning on the first day of classes.

Centurion’s PC Duress is being installed in the school district utilizing the existing IT network.  Introduced a little over a year ago, Centurion PC Duress from Response Technologies is now actively protecting hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and support staff in over one hundred K-12 schools and colleges across the country.

The district, in the Youngstown Ohio area, has four full time police officers patrolling one high school and four K-8 schools.

Article from Campus Safety Magazine