Protecting People. Protecting Assets. 5 essential elements of an effective emergency notification system

Protecting People. Protecting Assets. 5 essential elements of an effective emergency notification system

Whether you oversee a courthouse, a government facility, a school campus or a healthcare community, when it comes to monitoring your site, you want a solution that protects your people and your assets. And the smartest system can tell you what’s happening, when it’s happening and what your target audience needs to do.

The professionals at Response Technologies LTD, a global leader in emergency notification technology, share the five essential elements you should look for in a multi-purpose system that will meet your needs while protecting your people and your assets.

  • Redefine emergency notification while improving the quality of your facility. Today’s solutions offer much more than panic alert. Look for one that improves the overall quality of your facility. “We’re finding that our clients are interested in a multi-purpose system that can improve the overall quality of their facility,” says Brian Ray, National Sales Director for Courts and Government at Response Technologies, Ltd. “Once the infrastructure is in place, a notification system can do more than alert people to emergencies. It can help a facility run more efficiently.”
  • Do more with less – and make your system work for your facility. Technology continues to improve rapidly and the marketplace has responded with plenty of tech-savvy solutions. The hallmark of a smart multi-purpose system is one that can “do it all” with the least amount of equipment. Look for systems that integrate multiple functions, including alerts for panic situations, after-hours alarm for intrusions or burglary, mass and tailored notification protocols, and environmental monitoring of spaces such as server/IT facilities, HVAC, and food service areas. “We understand that organizations are working with limited budgets. A multi-purpose system becomes more attractive and affordable when multiple departments can contribute to a facility-wide solution that will benefit all involved,” says Kevin Corson, National Sales Director for Healthcare Facilities at Response Technologies, Ltd.
  • Make every second count. When seconds count, you want a system that gets the word out to the right people immediately. For emergency situations, we advise our clients to integrate a system that yields an instant response time to first responders. We also recommend a solution that is self-contained and does not require third-party involvement, which can delay response time as well as add cost.
  • Customize your system. A good system is one that can be tailored to the needs of the people and the buildings or spaces on the facility’s campus. Look for a feature-rich product that enables you to choose who can receive what notifications and how they’ll receive them (call, text, email, etc.). You should also invest in a program that includes an easy user interface so administrators can log on, test, and troubleshoot without interruption to routine security features. “Our clients definitely appreciate an intuitive, flexible user interface in a notification system,” says Corson.
  • Make an investment that will grow as your site’s needs change. When upgrading an existing emergency notification system or investing in a new one, consider the flexibility that today’s solutions can offer. Find out if the solution is expandable or upgradable. Look for a solution that keeps you up to date with technology. “With today’s technological advances, you really can have it all,” says Ray. “I have clients who initially ask about a basic mass notification system. Then they quickly realize that they can get so much more out of a program that benefits both the people and the assets throughout their facilities.” A current Response Technologies client agrees. “We chose Centurion Elite® because it is a buildable system,” says Jennifer Gribble, Agency Director for the Department of Human Services of Cheyenne County, Colorado. “As our budget allows, we plan to incorporate more functionality into our system. In addition, the communication with Response Technologies has been phenomenal. They answered all of our questions or found solutions to support our needs.”


Innovation that Protects

Response Technologies is a recognized global leader in emergency notification solutions having designed the fastest duress and emergency response systems available. Their newest product, the Centurion Elite® Emergency Notification Solution, was honored with the 2016 Campus Safety Best Award, a program that recognizes exceptional security, law enforcement, emergency management, and safety solutions for K-12 schools, higher learning facilities, and healthcare organizations.

When there is cause for alarm, the Centurion Elite® is designed to:

  • Combine multiple sensing and notification capabilities, including wireless and virtual panic, intrusion, mass notification, security and environmental monitoring capabilities – all from one scalable system.
  • Notify first responders within seconds via two-way radio, phone, email or text message, allowing for the quickest resolution to a situation.
  • Provide customizable settings to alert different personnel with unique information, leveraging the added capability to monitor a wide variety of wireless and network-based sensors.
  • Enable the user to set predetermined levels for temperature and humidity and immediately notify a specific group of contacts when a sensor detects unacceptable levels. This is especially valuable to IT and food service departments.
  • Allow the user to send time-sensitive, mass notifications to the organization within seconds, immediately alerting them to situationsasthey are occurring.

Innovation from Response Technologies LTD keeps you protected. To learn more, go to or call 1-800-537-0102.

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