Response Technologies Announces New Certified Partner Program

Newly expanded network of sales and service partners supports accelerated growth in duress and emergency response systems right in customers’ own communities

Response Technologies Ltd., known for building the fastest duress and emergency response system available, today announced its new Certified Partner Program designed to meet customers’ growing needs across multiple verticals and in all geographies.

Matt Volkerding, National Sales Director of Channel Development at Response Technology Ltd., is excited about the expanded growth opportunity this program will bring to the marketplace. “Our existing corporate, government, education and health institution customers are extremely satisfied with our products and service,” he said. “They articulate time and again that our solution is best in class.”

To continue to support the company’s mission to protect millions of people throughout the U.S., Volkerding is leading the partner program to expand the company’s reach. He said, “We are leveraging an elaborate network of business developers already in place who know the unique needs of their communities. This will drastically expand our reach and provide our award-winning Centurion Elite® platform to even more people.”

As the Certified Partner Program Director Volkerding is creating and building the program from the ground up which includes prospecting, recruiting, onboarding, training, developing, managing and supporting the organization’s certified partners.  He said, “We have partners with advanced capabilities and a strong brand and who are excited to grow with us.  Equally important is their cultural alignment with Response Technologies Ltd. and our core values.”

President of Response Technologies Ltd. Andy Morrison echoed Volkerding’s enthusiasm. “Upon releasing an excellent platform of products around Centurion Elite®, we immediately felt the increased customer demand for it, he said. “Being a proactive organization, we want to meet our customers right where they are, whether that’s through our direct sales team or through our outside partners who provide face-to-face contact in their own communities. The Certified Partner Program lets us flex to support market demand.”

The partners that Volkerding has already engaged are excited about providing an expanded menu of valuable products and solutions to the regions they serve. “Already trusted advisors within their communities, our certified partners live and work in the same localities they are there to protect,” said Volkerding.  The award-winning Centurion Elite® platform is a particularly attractive addition to the sales portfolio due to the system’s flexibility, extended capabilities and novel features such as direct radio notification to law enforcement.

Morrison added, “Centurion Elite® is the most intuitive, flexible and fastest emergency notification solution available. A system that can be customized to tell anyone, anywhere, within one second about an emergent situation is powerful and reassuring."

Morrison added, “Some of the enhanced capabilities of Centurion Elite®, and its complimentary network-based program Centurion Gateway® for multi-site campuses, are effectively leveraged through a local provider who can oversee the integration of the platform on site. In addition, our certified partners are poised to support new customers’ day-to-day needs while continuing to deliver excellence in service.”

Through an incredibly strong team effort, the Certified Partner Program was successfully launched in April 2018.  Response Technologies Ltd. is currently onboarding several partners and actively signing new ones.  Learn more about Response Technologies Ltd. online Here. You may also contact Matt Volkerding at 513-202-5692 for more information about the Response Technologies Ltd. Certified Partner Program.

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