CINCINNATI, OH –January 18, 2016– Response Technologies, LTD. announces the release of its next generation emergency notification solution; Centurion Elite®. Building on its twenty years of experience in the panic and security field, Response Technologies has developed an innovative solution for combining multiple sensing and notification capabilities under a single platform. The Centurion Elite® will allow customers to consolidate wireless and virtual panic, mass notification, security, perimeter and environmental monitoring capabilities, all from one scalable system.

The Centurion Elite®, provides instant notifications to emergency personnel within seconds of activation via two-way radio, phone, email and text. In addition, via its unique Elite Connect™ and Elite Audience™ features, customers can easily access and set the system to alert to different personnel with unique information, leveraging the added capability to monitor an array of wireless sensors beyond panic buttons. From motion sensors and door/window switches to temperature and moisture sensors, the Centurion Elite® allows customers to set predetermined acceptable levels for each sensor linked to the system to immediately notify them with unique information as the sensor detects unacceptable levels. Additionally, the Centurion Elite® has a built-in mass notification feature allowing customers to quickly send time critical information that can be distributed within seconds to the organization, immediately alerting them to a situation as it is occurring.

            “We’ve designed and built this system based on feedback we have received from our customers over the years. They expressed a desire for us to provide an easy method for getting immediate notifications for a number of safety and security-based applications in addition to our security and panic features”, said Andy Morrison, President of Response Technologies, Ltd. “We have delivered this in the Centurion Elite® as a product platform capable of delivering value with enhanced emergency notification content, allowing our customers the ability to leverage multiple technologies for receiving immediate notification of any issue requiring an urgent response”..