Response Technologies Secures 100th School with PCDuress®

Response Technologies Secures 100th School with PCDuress®

CINCINNATI, OH –JUNE 3, 2015– Introduced a little over a year ago, Centurion PCDuress® from Response Technologies, has recently installed its wireless duress alarm system in its one-hundredth school in the U.S. Centurion PCDuress® is now actively protecting hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and support staff in K-12 schools and colleges across the country.

Centurion's PCDuress® is installed in facilities using their existing IT network, creating an integrated and highly cost effective security solution. Once installed, emergency alert capability is accessible via any computer on that network, alerting law enforcement or other first responders via two-way radio, pager, phone, text or email, to the emergency as it is occurring. The alert is location specific and is in the form of a pre-recorded voice message.

"Having a system like Centurion PCDuress® in our school system provides genuine protection and peace of mind. It's highly effective and efficient and aids in increased linkage between the school campus and the police department. The instantaneous notification will allow us to respond quickly, helping to mitigate any serious situations", said Sergeant Joseph Kistler, Warren Police Department, Warren, Ohio. Sgt. Kistler oversees the School Resource Officer Program on all Warren City Schools campuses, which is comprised of one high school and four K-8 schools.

For more information on Centurion's PCDuress® or how the system can work in an education facility, please contact Brent Jones, National Sales Director - Education, 513-202-5686 or

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Response Technologies, , an affiliate of StopStick, Ltd. and Stoptech, Ltd., provides emergency response solutions including Centurion® & Centurion Elite® emergency notification systems, PCDuress®, Centurion® Scout wireless alarm and Centurion Armor™ product support and technology services for specialized markets in the U.S., such as courthouses, government facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, K-12 schools and colleges. Centurion products integrate & expand seamlessly with existing facility systems, and interface directly with law enforcement and other first-responders in real-time during an emergency situation – providing location-specific details, saving time and lives. Centurion® systems protect millions of people throughout the U.S.