The Problem

According to FBI data, active shooter events have steadily risen across the country since the year 2000. In 2019 there were 28 active shooter events, a trend that held steady with the previous 6 years. These events took place across 16 different states and their locations ranged from public places, such as malls and concerts, to restricted locations, such as businesses and schools.

Delivering an Immediate Response

Our line of wireless and network-based sensors can be deployed throughout a facility, campus, or even across the country. When a gunshot is detected, or a panic button is triggered, the Centurion Elite® will send an immediate emergency notification to first responders within two seconds. Delivery methods can include any combination of email, text message, phone, computer software, or the fastest form of emergency contact: two-way radio. These delivery method combinations are designated in Elite Audiences®, which allows users to customize specific responses based on the sensor that is activated. With the Centurion Elite®, the user can assign all sensors to alarm in the same way or can customize each individual alarm to activate a different response.


Active Shooter Timeline

Use Cases

The Centurion Elite® has been deployed across the country for various uses.

GUNSHOT DETECTION — Immediately knowing when and where a gunshot occurs is key to stopping an active shooter event. Using gunshot detection sensors, powered by Shot Tracer® technology, with your Centurion Elite® creates the fastest connection to a law enforcement response possible. Two-factor authentication ensures that only true emergency events are reported to emergency responders.

DURESS SYSTEM —Workplace violence can occur anywhere, anytime, and in any industry. Whether it’s a nurse dealing with patients, a receptionist dealing with customers, or a human resources member dealing with their own employees, having the peace of mind that you aren’t alone in these situations can go a long way in workplace satisfaction. By equipping your employees with a Centurion Elite® duress solution, you allow employees the freedom to go about their workdays while having an instant connection to assistance, should a need arise.

Common Sensors

Indoor Gunshot SensorGUNSHOT DETECTION
  • Two-factor false trigger prevention
  • 50ft x 50ft coverage area
  • 48 hr battery backup
  • Robust wireless range
  • 3-5 year battery life
  • False trigger prevention
Wall Station Wireless ButtonWALL MOUNT DURESS BUTTON
  • Robust wireless range
  • Flush or gang box mount
  • 3-5 year battery life


  • Responders are notified in under 2 seconds of alarm activation.
  • Direct-to-Responder/D2R™ communication allows users to bypass third parties and go straight to the responders.
  • The Centurion Elite® can send two-way radio notifications to three different radio frequencies at the same time.
  • Built-in false trigger avoidance technology ensures only real alarms make their way to responders.
  • Compatibility with Centurion Gateway® allows multiple facilities to be monitored from a single system.
  • 24/7 sensor monitoring ensures the system is always ready for use.
  • PCDuress® can be deployed across a network leveraging your already established infrastructure for enterprise-level deployment.
  • PCAlert® can be installed on any networked computer, allowing for an immediate pop-up notification upon alarm activation.
  • Wireless and networked alarms allow for quick and easy installation and deployment.