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The Problem


Door monitoring systems are often initially overlooked components of an otherwise well designed security strategy, and brought into the discussion much later than you'd like. But since you need eyes on the flow of traffic through your organization's doorways, while complying with fire code, you have to find an effective solution. While access control systems can be used in some cases, often the rollout of such systems is costly, or not flexible enough with your current systems.


Doors propped open can create a serious threat, allowing for: 

  • Intrusion
  • Theft
  • Elevation of Access
  • Loss of Environmental Control
  • Non-Compliance


Our solution gives you the ability to receive an Immediate Notification by any means you choose. 

Receive the alert on your phone, radios, via text message, on computer screens, and Direct-to-Police radio if desired. Or all of the above. 


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Integrated Organization-Wide Door Monitoring Systems are our specialty.

Centurion Helmet

Our industry-honored Centurion Elite® has been deployed across the country in many ways.



 Here are a few Door and Doorway Monitoring Customer Use Cases

The Centurion Elite® solves every one of the below problems, plus any door monitoring situation that may arise in your organization.


PROPPED DOOR ALARMING — In many places the flow of traffic through a door is a normal part of the day; however, propping doors open can create major security risks. With the Centurion Elite® a discreet sensor can be placed on doors that will allow normal flow of traffic through. If the door is propped open for a predetermined time, a customizable alarm will be sent to the proper responder. These alarms can be set to escalate if the alarm continues to trigger after a set time.

DOOR OPEN/CLOSE ALARMING — Sometimes you just need to know if a door opens or closes in your facility. It could be something like monitoring rooftop access, or if fire doors have been inadvertently closed. Whatever the reason,the Centurion Elite® allows you to receive an alert when the state of a door changes and can instantly notify the proper personnel of the change so the issue can be resolved.

FIRE EXIT ALARMING — The Centurion Elite® offers a wireless solution for fire exit alarms. Using our wireless sensors and siren/strobe combos any door can be easily outfitted to trigger a visual and audible deterrent when opened. The sensors can also be configured to send an additional alarm to responders. 


  • Wireless sensors can be affixed to any standard door.
  • Wireless doorway sensors, motion sensors, and doorway alarms can be added and are all managed by the Centurion Elite®.
  • Our solution can connect to hundreds of other safety, security, and messaging systems. e.g. Access Control, Camera Systems, Overhead and Screen messaging.
  • D2R/Direct-to-Responder™ communication allows users to bypass third parties and go straight to the responders within seconds.
  • 24/7 door monitoring ensures your facility is always protected.
  • Wireless sensors allow for quick and easy installation and expansion without aesthetic impact.
  • Compatibility with our Centurion Gateway® allows multiple facilities to be monitored from a single system, across campuses, across town, or across the country. 


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 Having eyes on the flow of traffic through your organization's doorways is critical

Our line of wireless sensors can be deployed throughout a facility, campus, or even across the country and monitored from a single system. When triggered or kept in an undesired state, the sensor will alarm the Centurion Elite® which will send an immediate emergency notification to the proper personnel for that particular incident. Delivery methods can include any combination of email, text message, phone, computer software, or two-way radio. These delivery method combinations are designated in Elite Audiences®, which allow users to customize specific responses based on the sensor that is activated. With the Centurion Elite®, the user can assign all sensors to alarm in the same way or can customize each individual alarm to activate a different response.

 Our line of wireless sensors can be deployed throughout a facility, campus, or even across the country and

monitored from a single system.


And Look at the responsiveness of our system.

The fastest emergency notification system in the industry.

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