Intrusion Solutions

The Problem

At any given time inside a facility there are areas where access needs to be monitored or restricted. While cameras can offer information after the fact about who was in an area, they aren’t always effective in preventing entry into these areas. For many facilities, construction, special events, and other unforeseen events can make a usually unrestricted area into a restricted one. During these restricted periods it can be difficult, and sometimes costly, to properly secure these areas.

Delivering an Immediate Response

Our line of wireless sensors can be deployed throughout a facility, campus, or even across the country. When activated, the sensor will trigger the Centurion Elite®, which will send an immediate emergency notification to first responders.Delivery methods can include any combination of email, text message, phone, computer software, or the fastest form of emergency contact: two-way radio. Users select the delivery method combinations within the Elite Audiences®, which allow users to customize specific responses based on the sensor that is activated. With the Centurion Elite®, the user can assign all sensors to alarm in the same way or can customize each individual alarm to activate a different response.


Intrusion Timeline

Use Cases

The Centurion Elite® has been deployed across the country for various uses.

CONSTRUCTION ALARMING — During construction it can be difficult to maintain normal operations while restricting access to potentially dangerous construction areas. With the Centurion Elite®, a range of wireless motion detectors can be easily deployed in the restricted area to alert proper personnel of an intrusion. This alert can be tailored to vary notification or reroute, depending on the time of day and personnel overseeing security.

PROBLEM AREA ALARMING — Areas within a facility can unexpectedly become areas of concern that need to be monitored. These may include stairwells, sparsely used rooms, or other more secluded areas where staff, visitors and other personnel generally should not go. Deploying solutions like cameras can be costly and may be more than is needed for the situation. As an alternative, the Centurion Elite® enables management to easily set up a sensor in the area. The sensor can be set to alert proper administrators of traffic during specific times and can even be programmed to disregard the alarm during times when the area is scheduled for use.

Common Sensors

  • Wall Mounted
  • Up to 50ft range
  • 3-5 year battery life
360 Degree Motion Detector360-DEGREE MOTION DETECTOR
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Whole room coverage
  • 3-5 year battery life
  • Wall Mounted
  • Up to 190ft Range
  • 3-5 year battery life


  • Wireless sensors allow for quick and easy installation and deployment.
  • D2R™ communication allows users to bypass third parties and go straight to the responders.
  • The Centurion Elite® can send two-way radio notifications to three different radio frequencies at the same time.
  • Compatibility with Centurion Gateway® allows multiple facilities to be monitored from a single system.
  • Battery-powered sensors make installation possible anywhere.
  • Responders are notified in under two seconds of alarm activation.
  • Built-in false trigger avoidance technology ensures only real alarms make their way to responders.
  • 24/7 sensor monitoring ensures system is always ready for use.