Broken Hearts in Uvalde, TX
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My heart breaks just typing the word "elementary" when trying to write about the most recent school shooting, this time at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. My first thoughts upon waking these past few days immediately go to the horror those young children faced and to their parents, realizing that their first thoughts upon waking have been those that every parent dreads. Revelations about missed opportunities to stop the...

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Crisis Communication in the Workplace by Response Technologies
Crisis Communication in the Workplace By Response Technologies
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The recent weather events of tornadoes and severe weather that rolled through, decimating western Kentucky and other places of the Midwest, were nothing short of awful and tragic due to the unavailability of the crisis communication system. These events shined a light on the level of preparedness of manufacturing, distribution, factories, and all other places of business. Many of these organizations do not allow phones on the shop floor. They...

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