Empowering Safety: The Role of Personal Panic Buttons in Combating Domestic Violence


This assessment delves into the pervasive issue of domestic violence, highlighting the critical importance of personal panic buttons as a technological solution to enhance the safety and security of victims. Domestic violence affects millions globally, necessitating innovative tools to provide immediate assistance to those in need.

We explore the dimensions of domestic violence, the challenges victims face, and how personal panic buttons can serve as a vital lifeline for individuals experiencing abuse. In Part II, we dive in to a real-world example of a solution and deployment.


Domestic violence is a pervasive problem affecting individuals across diverse demographics, encompassing physical, emotional, psychological, and economic abuse within intimate relationships. Victims often face challenges in seeking help due to fear, isolation, or lack of immediate access to assistance. This whitepaper advocates for the implementation of personal panic buttons as an innovative and effective tool too.

Challenges Faced by Victims:

  • Fear of Retaliation: Victims often fear reprisals from their abusers, hindering their ability to seek help.
  • Isolation: Abusers may isolate victims from friends, family, and support networks, further complicating the escape.
  • Limited Access to Assistance: Immediate access to assistance is often limited, especially during critical moments.

The Role of Personal Panic Buttons:

  • Immediate Access to Help: Personal panic buttons provide victims with a quick and discreet means to summon assistance.
  • Real-Time Location: GPS technology enhances the effectiveness of panic buttons, enabling immediate response by law enforcement or support services.
  • Discreet and Wearable: Panic buttons can be incorporated into everyday items, ensuring victims can carry them discreetly without alerting abusers.
  • Integration with Emergency Services: Seamless integration with emergency services facilitates a swift and coordinated response.

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Public Awareness: Educating the public about the existence and benefits of personal panic buttons.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: Ensuring that these technologies are accessible and affordable for individuals across different socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Creativity: Advocacy groups and organizations creating a top down, centralized deployment model to assist survivors in getting the help they need.

Part II Solution:

For the past 20 years, Response Technologies has provided emergency notification systems for survivors of domestic violence. These systems have evolved over the years as technologies have improved. One thing that holds true today as it did 20 years ago is that when a panic button is pressed – we send the alert direct to law enforcement in less than 2 seconds.

Today’s latest and greatest technology is called Centurion Anywhere. Aptly named for its ability to go and function Anywhere. As a GPS panic button, survivors can now take this with them as they go about their day – to work, the store, at home, the doctor, their child’s school – Anywhere.

This GPS button simply pairs to the survivor’s phone through Bluetooth. Once the button is pressed, we take and send a notification directly to law enforcement in less than two seconds. This notification can include any information – name, basic demographic information, appearance, case number, etc. It will also always include the exact GPS location of a person. If they are on the move, this location will continually update every few seconds.

Cities, States, and Counties across the US have implemented this personal protection device as a valuable tool to hand out to survivors within their jurisdictions. Many times, these programs are initiated through DA’s offices, victim services, local police departments, and even advocacy groups.


Personal panic buttons represent a crucial step in empowering victims of domestic violence and enhancing their safety. By combining technological innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by victims, we can create a society where individuals can seek help promptly, break free from abusive situations, and rebuild their lives. At Response Technologies, we call for the implementation of personal panic buttons as a proactive measure to combat domestic violence and create a safer future for all.

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