The Powers of Home Health Protection


This whitepaper delves into the critical aspect of home health nurse safety, emphasizing the necessity of providing personal panic buttons as a proactive measure. As home healthcare continues to grow, ensuring the safety and well-being of nurses working in private residences becomes paramount. This paper discusses the unique challenges faced by home health nurses and explores how the integration of personal panic buttons can mitigate risks, enhance response times, and ultimately create a safer working environment.

Part 1: Situation


Home health nursing and care is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors within healthcare and the workforce in general. Year over year, this category has seen double digit growth and is estimated to grow by 25% over the next 10 years. Juxtapose this, with the fact that regular in-building nurses are five times more likely to experience workplace violence than any other occupation. These numbers are staggering. To make matters worse – and making this occupation even more dangerous is the fact that, home health workers are going into unfamiliar environments all alone. These circumstances create unique and challenging safety concerns that must be prioritized and addressed.

Challenges in Home Health Nurse Safety:

  1. Isolation and Unfamiliar Environments
    Nurses frequently work alone, increasing vulnerability. Nurses are entering unknown environments. Unpredictable home settings may lack security measures.
  2. Limited Communication Infrastructure
    Limited access to support and communication infrastructure. Inability to quickly alert authorities or supervisors in case of emergencies.
  3. The Task at Hand
    The nature of the job that yield a high propensity of violence still exists. Highly hands on, close quarters, and emotional

Personal Panic Buttons – A Proactive Safety Solution:

A personal panic button is safety device that can be carried by nurses as they enter a home. In the event of an incident or feeling of insecurity, the nurse can press their panic button and it alerts or notifies a predetermined audience. Panic buttons, generally provide:

  1. Immediate Access to Help: Personal panic buttons provide nurses with a quick and simple means to send an alert assistance.
  2. Real-Time Location: GPS technology enhances the effectiveness of panic buttons, enabling immediate response by law enforcement or support services.
  3. Discreet and Wearable: Panic buttons can be incorporated into everyday items, ensuring victims can carry them discreetly without alerting abusers.
  4. Integration with Emergency Services: Seamless integration with emergency services facilitates a swift and coordinated response.

Part II: Solution

For the past 20 years, Response Technologies has provided emergency notification systems for leading healthcare organizations across the country. These systems have evolved over the years as technologies have improved. One thing that holds true today as it did 20 years ago is that when a panic button is pressed – we send the alert direct to law enforcement in less than 2 seconds.

Today’s latest and greatest panic button technology is called Centurion Anywhere. Aptly named for its ability to go and function Anywhere. As a GPS panic button, home health nurses can now take this with them as they leave the confines of hospitals and medical buildings and go out to visit patients at their homes.

This GPS button simply pairs to the nurse’s cell phone through Bluetooth. Once the button is pressed, we take and send a notification directly to law enforcement and back to the healthcare organization in less than two seconds. This notification can include any information – name, basic demographic information, organization, etc. It will also always include an exact GPS location of where the nurse is at. If they are on the move, this location will continually update every few seconds.

Healthcare organizations across the US have implemented this personal protection device as a valuable tool to provide for their nurses to ensure security and overall peace of mind.


The security challenges faced by home health nurses will only continue to grow. It is imperative to continue to aide in their safety by providing tools that can help make a difference as they go about their job each day.

At Response Technologies, we have combined technological innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these nurses to create a solution that provide nurses with a device to help keep them safe as well as provide a peace of mind in the face of a challenging work environment.

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